Summertime Sister Girlfriends Part 1…


In the summer before seventh grade I was in love. His name was Luke* and I obviously was going to marry him and mother his children. I had actually been in love with Luke since fifth grade when his family moved to my ridiculously small town, but every girl was. He was quite dreamy with his big blue eyes and strawberry blonde bowl cut. He basically looked like a more attainable Devon Sawa with a little Brad Renfro mixed in. The problem was that my best friend, Anna* was also in love with him. Nothing was more thrilling than finding out that we rode our bikes past his house every day to get to each other’s. With this new information we made a pact that we would make him fall in love with both of us and ultimately share him. Yes we were going to be Sister Girlfriends. It was quite ambitious but it was the beginning of summer vacation and we were determined.

Our mission was set and the first step was to make sure that Luke knew we existed. So we did what every logical twelve year old girl would do, call his house and hang up about fifty times. That was until we worked up the nerve to actually talk to him on the phone. By we I meant Anna because I was still a crazy wreck with boys. The phone conversations were not long just asked what’s up? or what did you do today? His answers were usually something dreamy like watched some TV, took my little brothers to swim in the river, or mowed the lawn. Yes, Anna and I pretty much thought Luke was the coolest person ever. Eventually we needed more. We started riding our bikes past his house just waiting for chance to get a glance of that beautiful bowl cut of his.

One day I was on my way to Anna’s when I saw Luke jumping on his trampoline in his front yard with his little brother and his best friend Bryan*. Bryan yelled “Hey, what’s your number, girl?” at me as I rode past. I couldn’t peddle fast enough to get to Anna’s to tell her. There was no way I talk to Luke and Bryan by myself. Not to mention it would break the number one rule in our summer pact. We promised to never see Luke without the other. Our thought process was that if he spent equal time with us then he couldn’t help but fall in love with both of us. Got to love preteen logic. When Anna and I rode by his house they were all still outside. This time was not the first we saw Luke outside his house, normally we had the “shy wave and giggle drive by” protocol. Anna boldly decided that this day would be different. We were going to jump on Luke’s awesome trampoline.

Next time…. First three person date, heartbreak and betrayal…

*Names have been changed for the privacy of the people who will probably never see this anyway.

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