Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 5.9 “ What Happened and What’s Going On”


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**Spoiler Alert** If you haven’t seen Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, than you probably already know what happened. The Internet is a big old gossip.

The world can rejoice because our beloved show is back and they didn’t spare any time in breaking our hearts once again. If you are an avid reader of TV news then you may have read the numerous teasers about what lied ahead for the group. It really isn’t anything new; destruction and devastation all around! Judging by the first episode back from winter break, the group is headed to a dark place (mentally, maybe even physically.) Things are looking bleak, again. Which, of course, leads to some of the greatest moments in the show’s history. So, let’s get started and recap the wreckage from Sunday’s episode.

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