WHO AM I? Good question…



I always felt like I was destined for greatness. That one day I would suddenly become the person I was meant to be. As if I would wake up and be this confident, smart, and awesome person. I should have seen the signs of doom early. I was the standard of awkward, so terribly shy that I would get bright red if more than two people looked my way at the same time. A girl who couldn’t make eye contact with teachers let alone anyone of the male gender. It made some things really complicated. Such as talking to said gender and actually coming off like a human being. It was usually incoherent giggles in between sentences that would be miraculously missing the simplest of conjunctions. Imagine a flirtatious spastic caveman or possibly an English as a second language student trying to make playful conversation with the eighth-grade boy of her dreams.

Flash forward many years and I still feel like I am that awkward teen.  (I have never fully woken up to become that super outgoing confident person).  All I know is that throughout the years I haven’t fully accepted myself as the goofy,shy, and always awkward girl.


I am the girl obsessed with popular culture.  The one who would rather stay home and binge watch the fourth season of How I Met Your Mother than go to the bars.  The one that has always had a “unhealthy” (says society) love for zombies.  The girl who still sings into her hairbrush in front of the bathroom mirror.

Sometimes I still don’t know who I want to be when I grow up.  What I do know is that I should appreciate who I am today thanks to all of the mortifying moments from my adolescence.

5 thoughts on “WHO AM I? Good question…

  1. Let’s see I click on your about page and the first thing I see is the gif and you shot me down with laughter once.
    Then I scroll down (past the gif so I can focus cause I can’t stop laughing at it) and I start to actually read it.
    Then you shoot me twice with your creative way of describing things. It’s something I can relate to easily.

    Liked by 1 person

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